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Japanese Street Fashion Coordinates

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coordinates without the people; just the clothes
This community is for posting Japanese street fashion coordinates. Any Japanese street fashion is acceptable, so long as the entry follows all of the rules. The idea is similar to daily_lolita but with the added rule of coordinates only. No people may be posted in any entries. Here is an example of what an acceptable image to post would look like:

Complete with shoes and a bag.

(modified from daily_lolita)
  1. Please stay on topic
    Off topic posts will be deleted. All posts should be of YOUR coordinate, complete with accessories. This is not a community for just showing off JSKs or OPs. It should be a full coordinate. The coordinate does NOT have to be on a dress form.
  2. Respect all of our members
    Anyone caught stealing images, reposting images on hate communities, or trolling to stir up drama will be banned immediately. Constructive criticism is fine, but please remember to keep it constructive.
  3. Use an image cut for any images over 400x400
    One image under 400x400 is allowed outside the cut. What's a LJ cut? While images are vital to this community, please spare our friends lists.
  4. Try to keep pictures to a certain size and quality
    Please try to refrain from posting pictures that are too small/dark/blurry or where we can't see the outfit.

Why is it named loli_coord if all Japanese fashions are allowed?
When I first created the community, I was intending to have it be a lolita exclusive community. However, after I had already named and created it, I decided that there was no reason to have it be lolita exclusive and decided to open it up to all Japanese street fashions.

Have a questions? Feel free to message the current moderator with any questions or concerns about the community that isn't already answered here.